"The most elegant plaque selection in Chicago" ... Chicago Award Source

We've simplified our plaque selection to the best selling most elegant plaques in the industry.  Although we do still have 1000's of options, we've decided to make your selection process easier by listing only our best sellers on the site.  We've sorted our plaques into six (6) categories:

  1. Piano Finish Series: Our best selling and most elegant plaques.
  2. Perpetual Series: To honor a series of recepients, an everlasting momento
  3. Prestige Series: Distinctive and classic plaques
  4. Constellation Series: This series combines our plaques with a symbolic star
  5. Eagle Series: A symbol of leadership, the eagle is combined with our plaques
  6. Parliament Series: To honor leaders of the judicial system

Our plaques are proven awards that have been tested and used by many of our clients.  Click our categories below to access our Plaques.