CAS Figures 3

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Motorcycle, Male 4½"
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Cheerleader, Female 5¾"
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Cheerleader, Double Action 5-7/8"
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Ballerina, Female 6"
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Volleyball, Female 5¾"
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Volleyball, Male 6"
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Motorcycle with Hand Raised, 6"
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Karate, Male Full Color 6¼"
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Billiard Table 2¾"
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Wheelchair Victory,Male 5¾"
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4 Wheel Drive Truck 4¼"
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Duckpin Bowler, Female 5½"
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Duckpin Bowler, Male 5½"
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Baseball Trim 3"
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Softball, Female 5¼"
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Marching Band Drummer 6½"
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Softball, Female 4"
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Softball, Female 3"
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Marching Band Bugler 6½"
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Baseball, Male 4"
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Baseball, Male 3"
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Colorguard, Female 6¾"
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Colorguard, Male 6¾"
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Baseball, M 5½"
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Soccer Trim 2½" Color with Bk
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Basketball Trim 2½" Color
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Baseball Trim 2½" Color
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Baseball, Female 8¾"
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Football Trim 2½" Color
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Baseball, Male 8¾"
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Baseball Batter, Male 5¼"
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Dart, Female 5¼"
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Dart, Male 5¼"
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Lawnbowler, Female 4½"
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Lawnbowler, Male 4"
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Music Note/Instr. 4¼"
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Music Note 4¼"
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Music Lyre, 4¼"
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Soccer Ball 5"
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Soccer Trim, 2½"
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Soccer, F 5"
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Racquetball, Female, 5"
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Racquetball, Male, 5"
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Soccer, Female 4"
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Soccer, Female 3"
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Soccer, Male 5"
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Basketball Slam Dunk, F 6½"
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Basketball Slam Dunk, M 6½"
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Soccer, Male 4"
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Soccer, Male 3"
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Soccer, Male 7¾"
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Baseball Outfielder, M 5½"
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Soccer, Female 7¾"
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King 6"
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Double Action Soccer, F
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Golf Putter, Female 5½"
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Golf Putter, Male 5½"
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Soccer, Double Action Male 4¼"
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Football Lineman, 5¼"
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Bicycle Kick Soc Female 5½"
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Santa Claus, 4½"
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Bicycle Kick Soc Male 5½"
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Billiard Table, Gld with Grn 4½"
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Billiards 8 Ball, Bk/Gd 2½"
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Dog with Coon In Tree, 5½"
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Draft Horse, 4"
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Quarter Horse, 3½"
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Mustang Automobile, 4"
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Camaro Automobile, 4½"
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Volkswagen Bug, 4"
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Softball, Double Action Female 6½"
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Baseball, Double Action Male 6½"
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Microphone, 3¾"
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57 Chevy, 4¼"
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Farm Tractor Without Cab, 4"
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Touring Motorcycle, 4½"
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Chopper Motorcycle, 4½"
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Hot Rod, 4¼