CAS Figures 1

After finding your respective figure, please document the SKU# and submit it with your order (how to order).  All figures require at 2-4 business day lead team.  Thank you!

Click to EnlargeAS101
All Star Trim 1-5/8"
Click to EnlargeAS102
All Star Trim 2½"
Click to EnlargeF1003
Saleswoman 6"
Click to EnlargeF1004
Salesman 6"
Click to EnlargeF1011
Snow Skier, Female 4½"
Click to EnlargeF1012
Snow Skier, Male 4½"
Click to EnlargeF1022
Snow Board Skier Male, 5½"
Click to EnlargeF1032
Powerlifter, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF1044
Weightlifter, Male 6"
Click to EnlargeF1050
Drama Mask, 4½"
Click to EnlargeF1072
Female Victory With Star 7"
Click to EnlargeF1074
Male Victory With Star 7"
Click to EnlargeF1081
Soccer Forward Female, 5½"
Click to EnlargeF1082
Soccer Forward Male, 5½"
Click to EnlargeF1091
Soccer Striking Female, 5½"
Click to EnlargeF1092
Soccer Striking Male, 5½"
Click to EnlargeF1120
Winged Wheel 4¾"
Click to EnlargeF1135
Soccer, Male 5"
Click to EnlargeF1136
Soccer, Male 6"
Click to EnlargeF1141
Double Judo Female 5¼"


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