Mattell Corporation manufactures the Barbie doll and wanted a custom award to be presented to top performing executives for meeting their annual goals. The award was created to represent the 50th Anniversary of Barbie. 


An award was designed that is an abstract figure of the world-known toy, confidently posed and holding aloft a star.  A major challenge was in the specifications of the award.  As we were dealing with a brand icon, precise delivery (down to the angle of the star and the curvature of the hair) had to be met.  To deliver these specifications, we developed a three dimensional model for the customer to approve.  The 3-D model made sure that all the product specs were identified.  Once the modle was approved, we created a hand cast mold.  The Barbie award is hand cast and finished in 24K gold and then mounted on a black nickel base. The base carries a plate that honors the top performing executive and the year in which he / she exceeded their sales goals.