This customer needed a special award designed in three sizes to hand out to the first, second and third place winners in select Formula 1 races nationwide.                         

Design Objective:                                                                                    

To represent the sleekness of a Formula 1 racecar and include the sponsor's logo in a dominant location on each award.


The creative team came up with a design that represented the sleekness the end user required plus the prominent location of the sponsor's logo.  The resulting award is a thick metal fin shape that represents the back fin of a Formula 1 racecar with an acrylic piece in front to create three-dimensional look and house the sponsor's logo. Both the metal fin and the acrylic window are attached to a satin silver finished base with a silver finished plate engraved with the name of the race, the sponsor of the race, the position in which the driver finished the race and the name of the winning race.